Meet the youth engagement team

Naomi Edwards from Intrepid LandcareNaomi Edwards, Intrepid Landcare

A co-founder of Intrepid Landcare, Naomi is extremely passionate and energetic about community engagement, especially to empower young people to be change they want to see for the environment. She has been instrumental in establishing award-winning transformational engagement programs. She was awarded National Young Landcare Leader (2016) and is a Leadership for Sustainability Fellow from the United National University (2014). She also holds post-graduate qualifications in environmental science, communications, international and community development and currently completing a PhD in professional identity and institutional insights of coastal management professionals in Australia (Griffith University).


Megan Rowlatt, Intrepid Landcare

A co-founder of Intrepid Landcare, Megan is highly energetic and engaging when it comes to organising communities to act and lead with Landcare. She is deeply rooted in the Landcare movement and was recognised for her leadership capacity with being awarded National Young Landcare Leader (2014). She is an international keynote speaker, sits on various boards and committees at local, regional, state, national and international level for Landcare and natural resource management. She currently works for the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council, working towards creative ways to connect community and rethink the way we engage all people to connect to and care for country. Megan holds tertiary qualifications in science, communications, conservation, ecotourism, social enterprise development, facilitation and leadership capacity.


Pete Pigott from Intrepid LandcarePeter Pigott, Intrepid Landcare

Peter is the Regional Landcare Facilitator for the south east region of NSW. He has been in the Landcare scene for many years and offers a wealth of experience in connecting communities, networks and facilitating highly effective discussions which really move communities and projects forward. Peter has been instrumental in establishing and supporting food producer and Landcare networks across south east in NSW and has a real passion for supporting leadership development in communities across Australia, particularly within Landcare and agriculture. One of the founding members of Intrepid Landcare, Pete is also keen to support young people to reach their full potential and discover what it is that connects and inspires them to take action in ways that are meaningful for them.


Dave Newell from Campfire Co-opDavid Newell,Campfire Co-op

David is a co-founder of Campfire Co-op and works as a facilitator and host for collaborative action in community groups, government agencies and organisations – anywhere where people are trying to move past conflict and fragmentation, towards cooperation and wise action. He has worked for the last 20 years in rural and regional community development, with a focus in natural resource management, environmental education, and leadership development. He is also highly active in supporting the growth of men and boys through facilitating workshops and coordinating local networks.