Youth engagement in established invasive species management

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare retreat at Sandy Point, where volunteers removed invasive weeds, learnt to surf and discussed ideas for boosting community participation (photo: Gippsland Intrepid Landcare).

Lead: Agriculture Victoria, Intrepid Landcare

Purpose: Attract and support young people to engage in invasive species management.

Timeframe: April 2018 – December 2019


After years of successful operation, community pest management groups, Landcare groups, and other environmental initiatives can face the challenge of rejuvenation. Attracting young people to get involved in managing pest is difficult, creating a range of challenges including for succession planning, rejuvenation of committees and development of fresh, innovative ideas.

Strategies are needed to boost youth engagement in pest management at several levels:

  • Build awareness and interest amongst young people about pest species and management.
  • Invite young people to tell us what it would take to get them involved.
  • Offer young people the support and resources to start their own initiatives, or to get involved with existing groups.
  • Support established groups and networks to attract young people – with new strategies, ideas and processes – to go beyond the ‘usual suspects’.

A youth engagement workshop will be held in 2019, to explore ideas and develop a new grants program aimed at boosting the participation of young people.

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