The Weeds and Rabbits Project has invested in 15 different community projects, worth a total of $860,000. These are being delivered through our project partners, the Community Pest Management Groups for blackberry, gorse, rabbits and serrated tussock.

In addition, the project team are also rolling out a number of initiatives on community participation, leadership and compliance.

A complete list of the projects and initiatives is shown below.

Project titleProject lead agency
The compliance projectAgriculture Victoria
Youth engagement in established invasive species managementAgriculture Victoria
Master class on leadership for community engagementAgriculture Victoria
Improving digital information for community-led invasive species managementAgriculture Victoria
Demonstrating collective learning in community-led blackberry managementVBT
Development of a diagnostic tool for purple blotch disease of wild blackberryVBT
Using a systems approach to improve integrated blackberry management in VictoriaVBT
What do they want? Surveying community needs and strengthening the systems approach for gorse managementVGT
Strengthening community capacity and raising awareness of established weeds and rabbits across VictoriaVGT
Strengthening community capacity to define the geographic scale of gorse in Victoria through citizen scienceVGT
Expanding community engagement to maximise the effect of RHDV K5 release in VictoriaVRAN
Extending the knowledge and changing behaviour for rabbit managementVRAN
Victorian rabbit strategyVRAN
Development of a guide for land managers in relation to integrated rabbit management and evaluationVRAN
Support and empower community groups who are actively managing core serrated tussock infestationsVSTWP
Motivating disengaged landowners: social science research for serrated tussockVSTWP
Improve current management practices for serrated tussock: applied science researchVSTWP
Implementing effective community engagement for serrated tussock managementVSTWP
Serrated tussock management field day in the coreVSTWP