Master Class on Leadership for Community Engagement

Applications for the Master Class have now closed.

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Date: 12-13 September 2018

Location: Macedon, Victoria


What is the Master Class on Leadership for Community Engagement?

The Master Class is a one-off program created in response to an identified need to better support existing and aspiring leaders in invasive species management. It aims to strengthen the capacity and confidence of volunteers and professionals to support greater community involvement in invasive species management.

We invite emerging and established leaders to further develop their strategies for effective leadership and community engagement.


What does it involve?

The Master Class is a two-day program for around 20 participants from around Victoria. It is based on participatory learning, which recognises that you will come into the course with considerable and diverse experience. The course will also draw on the presentations from innovative leaders from across Australia.

The Master Class format and facilitators will encourage participants to share their knowledge in a way that fosters individual and collective learning among participants. The program will build on participants’ existing leadership capabilities and experiences in engagement, with a focus on skills and knowledge relevant to pest management, community engagement and collaboration.

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What will I get out of it?

The program will build on your knowledge, with the support of specialists and peers, to help you refine your philosophies and discover new strategies for more effective engagement, and to work collaboratively to share knowledge and ideas.

You’ll come out of it inspired to work with and for community, with the support of a diverse new network of individuals, giving you greater confidence in your decision making and capacity for leadership on the complex issues.


Who should apply?

The Master Class is open to Victorians who are committed to leading positive change in their community, agency or industry, in relation to community engagement for invasive species management. Applicants should be:

  • Interested in invasive species management and community engagement;
  • From a community group, a government agency, a non-government organisation, or an industry group;
  • Working or volunteering in Victoria; and
  • EITHER: an existing leader with proven leadership record OR an aspiring leader, with hopes of leading change in a workplace or community.


Who is running the Master Class?

The course will be facilitated and led by Professor Ted Alter, an international leader in community engagement outreach in agriculture and NRM, and key advisor on Victoria’s innovative community-led approach to rabbit management. He will be supported by presenters and co-facilitators with diverse experience in community engagement and invasive species management from around Australia, across a range of sectors and organisations.

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What does it cost?

Community volunteers: no cost. We’ll cover the cost of your accommodation and meals during the Master Class, and reimburse your travel costs to get to and from the Master Class (fuel or public transport fares, upon presentation of receipts to the Master Class coordinator).

Agency staff and other professionals: if you’re participating as part of your paid work, we’ll cover the cost of your meals during the Master Class. You or your employer will just need to cover the cost of your own transport and accommodation (accommodation is approximately $180 for one night).


How do I apply?

Applications have now closed.


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